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Benefits of Using Pine Straw for Mulching

In an effort to protect the soil from the rain, many farmers have started practicing mulching. In the process, there has been a noticeable increase of soil nutrients. Because of this, mulching has become a common and almost mandatory course of action in the cultivation of plants and crops. Mulch can be made from plant remains or grass and will have different effects on the soil. There are many advantages that come with the use of pine straw for mulching.

The use of pine straw can be up held easily being the first advantage of using it as mulch. The mulch is obtained from the pine tree needles that are always dropping naturally.They are readily and constantly available making them a good choice for mulching all year round.

Pine straw prevents the soil moisture by limiting the rate of water evaporation. This mulch also preserves the roots of plants situated too close to the surface of the soil from the direct sunlight. When it is raining, the rain drops hit the surface of a bare soil surface displacing soil particles. This type of erosion can be prevented by pine straw mulch that takes the impact of the raindrops. When the pine straw rots, it releases nutrients that are important for plants and also promotes the presence of micro organisms in the soil. This increases the level of oxygen in the soil that will facilitate faster growth of crops.

It is harder for pine straw to float out of the areas of application that it is for other types of mulch.As a result the environment around the farm will look cleaner. Pine straw stays friable eliminating the need to include the addition of other mulch sources. The possibility of pod formation evident in other types of mulching is close to none when it comes to the use of pine straw mulches. Pine straw remains functional for longer periods of time since it decays at a lower speed to time ratio, eliminating the necessity for replacement.

The cultivated soil around crops provides a good medium for the germination of unwanted that utilize the resources meant for the crops. This will often lead to poor health of the crops if it is not controlled. The use of pine straw mulch will crush any germinating weeds and prevent them from developing to an threatening levels of maturity. Wood mulch is a conflicting type of mulch that will facilitate the development of weeds.

Pine straw can be applied at a bigger ground surface than other types of mulch. This makes pine straw a cheaper source of mulch in relation to other sources.

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