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Everything You Should Know About Choosing a Dog Harness

If you wish to keep your dog safe when you are going out for walks you have to buy a dog harness and it prevents the stress of having to tackle the dog when it is not doing what you wish it to. Apart from when you are going for a walk with the dog, it offers you good control over the dog when it participated in sports activities. Even so, you should pick the right harness for this to work. You should not be using a dog collar if your dog is super active. This may cause the dog to cough a lot, be irritated or even suffer injuries on the neck. On the other hand, a harness will not just spread the traction force but ensure the dog is maintaining a good posture all the time. Also, it keeps you comfortable even as you control the dog. If you have been to a store that sells the products you will understand that the models vary widely which is why it is recommended you get to know more about them prior to picking one. Knowing the essential things to keep in mind when making this choice is necessary.

The classic harness is what is recommended if it is only meant for dogs that are going for a walk. These have adjustable straps and they are made of polyester. This is a model you cannot miss in any basic store selling dog paraphernalia. Before you make the final decision you need to check out the position of the metal clips. Ensure it is on the dog’s back but on its upper side as well. This area has a lot of fur. Be prepared for injuries if the metal clips end up on the flank of your dog. If the dog is having mobility problems then you need to get a sling harness. They are helpful in movement. Choose this if the dog has been injured or if it has disabilities. Also, they are helpful for dogs that get tired easily especially if you go for long walks.

There are also anti-traction harnesses for dogs that are active. Put them on a leash and they will tug at it until the moment you take it off. You do not wan the dog to suffer from the traction. Most harnesses will push the head of the dog forward when you pull but this one will make it go upward. It protects the dog from traction and also allows you greater control. Your wrists won’t get injured in the process of tugging on the leash constantly too. Apart from that, you should choose the husky harness if are training your dog.

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